The sun sets on good weather


The wind was calm as the sun set…but a storm was looming behind the mountain. We set up next to the lake, made dinner and enjoyed watching the stars as night fell. At 11pm the first wind hit…at 11:30 it snapped one of the tie downs. Confident in our tent we fixed the broken tie down and prepared to battle the storm. We battled the sleet, ice and wind like I had never seen before. We piled rocks on all our tie downs and repaired them when they broke two more times. By 4am the reality that we would lose this battle sunk in…the tent was being blown so hard it was laying almost flat on our bodies as we covered our heads…we bundled up, Jessica laid on the tent and tied a rope around the tent, I tied the other end to me to keep it from blowing away…our escape was messy and we lost some gear, but eventually we made our way into the forest where the wind was cut down and we could tie into trees. At 6:30 am we fall asleep…

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