A new town, a fist fight and new friends…

We were excited to adventure to a new town…we were not excited for the 26 hour bus ride to get there. It is one of our travel rules to never arrive in a new town in the dark, but this was the only bus out of town and it didn’t leave until 3am…the bus was late and we spent a very strange hour waiting in the cold with 15 people from 5 different countries listening to the Rolling Stones…

After 26 hours, the bus pulled into El Bolson. It was 5am, dark and this town was alive with drunk people. As we unloaded our bags from the bus a fist fight broke out in the street. This was not
too different than the scene outside U.S. bars at last call…but tired, in a strange town and just coming from almost no human contact for a month…it was not how we wanted to be greeted by our new town.

We were very thankful that along with us, two Israeli guys had also chosen El Bolson as their next stop. They had both just finished serving in the military and were adventuring through South America. With Jessica and the Israelis trained in Krav Maga… I felt pretty safe!

We eventually found a cafe that was open to wait until we could check into a hostel. We told stories, laughed and made new friends. We would travel with Guille and Or for most of the next few weeks. When we finally checked into our hostel, Dylan from Portland(the guy we ran into on Mt Fitzroy) was staying there as well.

That night we BBQ’ed, drank Fernet and hatched a plan with our new friends to go into the woods. It would be Team Israel, Dylan from Portland, Luij a Rasta from Portugal and us…it was an awesome group!

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