A long day sometimes comes with a reward


As daylight dims we spot Refugio Dickson, our home for the night. We were told that the refugio was closed for the off season. Our plan was to camp outside using the building to shelter us from the strong winds we had encountered earlier in the day and feared would return at night. We had expected to see the only other person we knew had also chosen travel to the backside of the mountains, Xinping a photographer from China, to also be camped at this location. As we approached the “closed” camp we spotted Xinping’s tent already set up. To our surprise out of the refugio appeared a smiling Chilean named Andy. He greeted us and explained that the refugio was in fact closed, however he was the care taker and it would be a few days until he would be finished with his final duties for the season. We were welcomed to use the building as we wished… toilets… showers… a kitchen… and a fire to dry our already wet gear!

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